Ola Corporate’s Fabulous 5+2 Offer

Ola Corporate’s 5+2 Offer

Opting for corporate rides would now get you rewarded. All you need to do is, take 5 Corporate rides in a calendar month and get Rs 100/- off on any two of your Ola rides – personal or corporate.

So go ahead and book yourself a corporate ride right away!

Here’s how you can do it in 3 easy steps:

  • Login to your Ola app and select the ride of your choice.
  • Click on the ‘Ride Now’ option and enter your pickup and drop locations.
  • Now switch to your corporate profile before hitting “Confirm Booking”.

So don’t wait any longer, opt for your corporate rides today and make the most of this offer.

Term & Conditions:

  • Users who take at least 5 Ola Corporate rides in a calendar month will become eligible for this offer.
  • The offer is valid till 30th June 2017.
  • Eligible users will receive the discount coupon codes by 8th of the the next calendar month. The discounts codes will be visible in the “Offers & Free Rides” section on the Ola App.
  • The offer is valid only to those who receive this communication from Ola.
  • Ola reserves the right to unilaterally modify / terminate these offers.

ONE Traveldesk – Now Allowing Cab Bookings for Your Guests

Ola TravelDesk- Book Rides for Guests

Not too long ago we at Ola Corporate had launched ONE Traveldesk, a feature which allowed admins of all organizations who are onboard Ola Corporate the ability to book corporate rides for their employees right from their desktops. Admins can thus move away from unreliable manual transport management systems to a more robust and digitized platform to fulfil corporate travel needs.

But employee travel needs was not the only need that needed to be addressed. Admins of various organizations also had a need to provide cabs for various purposes for their various guests. These included:

  • Airport pick up-drops for important clients and for senior level executives.
  • Ground travel needs for interview candidates especially for those coming from other cities.
  • Hotels needed to provide timely cabs for their guests either for sightseeing or for airport travel.

Why the enhanced ONE Traveldesk feature:

With the newest ‘Guest Booking’ option would now come handy for admins of all organizations across industries. Through guest booking admins can now do away with the cumbersome paper based manual travel desk management, along with the need for coordination with multiple vendors. Also there would no longer be inefficient tracking and auditing processes.

To book a ride for their guests traveldesk admins would need to login to their Ola Corporate account and click on ‘Book a Ride’ through the ONE Traveldesk and select ‘Guest Booking’. Once the cab is booked, the guest as well as the travel desk manager would both receive the cab and driver details in the form of an SMS and an email respectively. Admins can also configure a separate allowance for the purpose of guest booking through the ‘Account Information’ section, helping Traveldesk admins in easy expense management.

Well, if you are an admin or a travel desk manager of your company then it’s time you try out our brand new feature and remove the need for managing your own fleet of cabs or a dedicated cab vendor; enjoy digitised booking and billing and have a simplified auditing system in place with consolidated ride tracking and invoicing.

Booking cabs for your guests would now be easier than ever with the current addition to our ‘ONE Traveldesk’. However, it’s a premium feature and if you wish to use the same then do reach out to our sales personnel at  corporatesale@olacabs.com.

Refer and Get Rewarded

Ola Referral - Get Rewarded

Ola Rentals have made corporate life much easier, with employees being able to travel at multiple locations with a cab at their disposal. One no longer needs to worry about a meeting being stretched than the stipulated time or setting up multiple client meetings on the same day as one can book chauffeur driven AC cabs on hourly packages. The best part, rental bookings can even be extended if needed.

Ola Corporate is now going a step ahead and making Ola Rentals all the more fabulous with their newest ‘Referral Code’ offer.

How it works:

  • Eligible users would have received a unique referral code on their email ids.
  • Refer the code to your colleagues, having an active Ola Corporate account.
  • For each colleague opting for a rental ride (using your unique referral code) you would get Ola Money worth Rs 200.
  • Your colleagues would also receive a one-time Ola Money credit worth Rs. 200.
  • The referral code can be used by your colleague(s) only once either for a personal or a corporate rental ride.

So hurry, refer and get rewarded. Offer valid till April 23rd ‘17, and the Ola Money transfer would happen by 30th April 2017.

Book Your Outstation Corporate Rides Today!

Ola Outstation for Corporates

Are you one of those who suffer from the pains of inter-city travel for official work quite frequently? Do you hate heckling with cab drivers to stay put a little longer when there’s a sudden change in your plan? Is it really difficult to travel outside city limits as most cabbies refuse to travel such long distances? Also, do cash payments pose as a hassles sometimes, due to the unavailability of the exact change and the like?

We at Ola Corporate have thus introduced Ola Outstation for all your corporate ride needs. Employees can now book outstation rides right from their Ola cabs app and mark it as ‘Corporate’. Ola Outstation is our solution to your inter-city travel woes. You can even plan your trip way ahead by booking cabs upto 7 days in advance, and the trip date can range from 1 to 10 days. So, whether you are travelling to a different city for an important deal closure or to cities where flights are unavailable, Ola is your ride. So book an outstation today and travel comfortably in one of our cabs, be it in a Mini, a Sedan or an SUV or even a Luxury cab, Ola has you covered.

How is Outstation Valuable?

  • You get cabs at your disposal for your intercity travel needs.
  • Travel on demand by booking cabs just one hour in advance.
  • You even have the option to book a one way route (for select routes only).
  • Payments are cashless with an extremely transparent pricing system.

How to book an Outstation ride:

  • Open Outstation on Ola app: Access the Ola Outstation icon (scroll to right if not visible on front panel) and enter your destination city.
  • Select your time of travel: Choose from travelling 1 hour later or book in advance.
  • Choose your travel package and car category: Book “1 way trip” (available only on select routes) or “round trip” for up to 10 days. Choose between the choice of cars
  • Turn the corporate toggle on: This ensures your ride is tracked as a corporate ride and you get a corporate invoice too.
  • Board and enjoy your ride: Read through the ride details and click on ‘accept and confirm’. Your driver details will be shared 45 mins prior to pick-up time.

Our Solution to Your Multi-city Employee Travel Budget Woes

Our Solution to Your Multi-city Employee Travel Budget Woes

The task of an Admin is not easy. Admins can quite easily be at the receiving end of their boss’s wrath may be because he has simply been unable to roll out the required budget for a corporate ride for an employee travelling outside his/her base location. Well, what can one do when there’s a specific budget assigned by the company and as an admin one needs to stick to it. Of course they do have the option of taking special permissions for increasing the travel budget for such outstation travel needs. But, as you would agree the process of getting such sanctions passed are quite time consuming, especially in large corporates.

As the admin of your company how many times did you face hassles while booking cabs for your employees? Guess multiple number of times. The inconvenience can range from the trouble of booking cabs for a large number of employee at one go and even issues with reimbursements as many a time employees are unable to provide proper corporate ride receipts. To add to these, would be the hassle of managing the corporate travel budget especially for outstation travels, as mentioned earlier.  It’s here that admins would need a less rigid budget policy to provide a seamless travel experience for the employee.

Of course it can be argued that the employee must be prompted to pay initially and manage the receipts while travelling outstation and the company would reimburse. But how many times does it work out well both for the employee or the travel desk? Most of the time the paper receipts are misplaced, or employees are able to find out ways to submit fraudulent travel bills.. It is here that Ola Corporate’s budget policy for outstation corporate travel comes handy for both admins and companies. This policy allows employees to travel without having to worry about the payment or the budget as it is deducted from the company’s global budget. It not only solves the continuous budget issues that companies face while their employees travel outstation, but also solves the issue of employees over charging the company through fraudulent bills. Also, employees can add ride reasons before or during the ride and it automatically gets lodged in the company’s employee travel details, hence maintaining cumbersome paper invoices is no longer required.

This multi city travel solution from Ola for corporate not only saves employees from the fear of running out of their travel budget while they are already traveling, but also helps companies maintain the employee travel budget easily. Since these amounts are directly deducted from the company’s global budget keeping a tab on these large travel transactions gets easier and if needed intracity travel costs can be cut down to some extent to maintain the travel budget of the company.

Ola Corporate Easing Your Business Travels

Corporate travel is of utmost need in today’s world. Each one of us travel everyday not only to our respective offices but also for client meets, site visits and so on. Thus, incurring high work travel related expenses is quite common. Not only this, getting cabs during peak hours, or renting out cabs for day long requirements is many a time difficult due to availability issues and also due to high monetary demands by the drivers.

This is where we at Ola Corporate come in. Ola Corporate aims at making corporate travel a breeze for working professionals. The best part, you can book cabs for corporate purposes right from your Ola app. Once your company is onboard Ola Corporate you would receive an email in your official id for verification. Verify your official email id and login to your Ola account and select the ride category of your choice. Then choose the corporate profile from the profile option and hit confirm. Your ride will be marked as ‘Corporate’. Once the ride is complete you would receive invoices marked as corporate into your official email id. Not only this, you can even add ‘Ride Reason’ before or after the ride helping you to provide detailed information about your business related travels to your admins and travel desk managers.  

This would help you to keep a record of your corporate travel expenses all in one place. You can even choose to receive your corporate ride invoices on a monthly or weekly basis helping you get consolidated reports of all rides taken. This in turn help would help you provide invoices easily to your travel desk managers for reimbursements and would allow you to forget the hassle  of managing a whole lot of paper invoices.

You can even view other profile details once you view your corporate profile. This includes the days and the time during which you can avail corporate rides, ride type that you can book and the payment policy. All of these would be set by your company and you can avail the corporate rides as per these policies. The payment policies would include either auto paid by company or to be reimbursed. Credit /debit card payments would not be needed at all if the payment option set by the company is ‘Auto Paid by Company. However in case it’s the ‘To be Reimbursed’ mode of payment you can add your card details and make your payment process hassle free. So while booking your ride you can simply choose the credit or debit card from which you wish the payment to be made and confirm the booking. This would allow you to make payments for your rides either instantly or later as per your convenience. Once the payment is cleared you can continue taking corporate rides.

LUX & SUV- Adding Class and Convenience to Corporate Travel

Blog Lux-SUV

The business travel scene is an uncomfortable one with only small cabs being available mostly. Also, desiring luxury cabs for business travel is almost like a dream. But Ola Corporate makes this a reality. Ola Corporate introduces Ola SUV and Ola Lux for corporate travel, addressing your issues of comfort and the desire for luxury travel.  

We know your hassles of airport drops and pickups  in small cars, where the luggage space is unbelievably less not to mention the crunch in seating capability. Also, business drops in these small cabs especially with your team is simply impossible. So you end up booking more than one cab in turn having to shell out more.

Presenting Ola SUVs for corporates which aims at solving this hassle by  bringing back the experience of comfortable travel especially when you are travelling with your team. Not only this, SUVs ensure a greater cargo space and a seating space for upto 6 people thus making it the best choice for airport drops and pickups. Also, the extra leg space makes SUVs the most preferred for team travel. Book an SUV and travel in a Toyota Innova, Honda CRV, Maruti Ertiga to name a few.

Ola Lux on the other hand makes travelling in high end swanky cars for your corporate needs a reality. Isn’t the thought in itself delightful?  Have important clients or guests visiting your office? Book an Ola Lux and provide them with a luxury experience. Want to be ferried around to and fro from important client meets and corporate parties? Book an Ola Lux and make a classy statement. The Ola Lux fleet of cars include Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Camry and many more. These are luxury cars manufactured by the best car makers in the world which would give your corporate travel experience that extra edge- assuring luxury, style and comfort!

So from now on, when you mark your ride as corporate, click on Ola Lux and one of the finest cabs of town driven by a well-trained chauffeur would be at your doorstep in no time. Also, there’s  complimentary wifi for seamless browsing on the go!

Be it SUVs or our range of luxury cabs Ola Corporate aims for one thing – providing you with one of the best daily corporate cab service experiences in India. Currently, both Ola Lux and Ola SUVs have been rolled out to select cities. However, very soon they will be available throughout providing you with the best possible corporate travel experience.

Ola Rentals for Corporates- A Cab Always at Your Disposal

Rentals Image for Blog

Your time is valuable and we at Ola Corporate know that. It’s frustrating when you have a long day ahead with multiple meetings at client locations, hectic site visits and important on field sales tasks to name a few. To add to your woes, you are required to book multiple cabs for various hops in your journey which increases waiting time and overall delays. This uncertainty makes your corporate travel experience cumbersome not to mention the number of invoices that you need to save and process for reimbursements.

Keeping these hassles in mind Ola Corporate has rolled out a new ride category – Ola Rentals for Corporates. This is to make your Ola experience more productive and less stressful especially for your day-long business travel needs. 

How Ola Rentals Would Help Corporates

Have you encountered moments, where at times when you need the most, cabs were unavailable? Has daily employee car drops been an issue? Have you faced hassles where you booked a cab and had to cancel it just because your meeting ran a tad bit longer? We have the perfect solution for you – Ola Rentals!

Under the Ola Rentals option, you can book a cab for a minimum of  1 hour and  then extend the booking for as long as you want!  This eliminates the pain of multiple bookings and endless waits for cabs between important meets. Also, you get the added flexibility of changing your travel itinerary while on the move along with an easy to and fro travel from the airport. For information on fares click here. With this addition, we aim to provide you with one of the best experiences for your day long business travels requirements.  So, go ahead, book a cab through  Ola Rentals and start making your corporate travels a breeze.