Ola Corporate: A one-stop travel management solution

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Rising Expenses:

Across the world corporate travel expenses are on a rise. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) in its 2014 BTI outlook has predicted that global business travel expenditure will grow at 6.5% and touch US$1.25 trillion in 2015. The same report says that, in 2014 alone, India Inc. spent US$26 billion in business travel. GBTA estimates that this number will grow at 11.5% CAGR and reach US$45 billion by 2019.

Hidden Costs:

Admins and travel desk managers spend significant time booking, re-booking & coordinating cabs for employees, managing multiple cab vendors and reconciling expense reports. In addition, due to lack of transparency in billing and invoices, finance managers spend a lot of time doing frequent audits. Employees also spend valuable time expensing rides, coordinating with drivers of company taxis & travel desks and reconciling reimbursements.

Employee Expectations:

Our personal travel bookings and billings happen just by a click of a button and yet corporate travels never seem to get any simpler. So, how about a booking system that grants employees the power to choose their own ride types and timings? And how about an expense system that frees employees from on-travel and post-travel hassles? To address these issues employees need a one-stop solution – a travel management system that enriches employee travel experiences while saving their mental energies for real productive work.

Need for Change:

Parallely, to remain competitive & profitable, businesses are under increasing pressure to keep employee travel expenses at a minimum while also ensuring employee safety & convenience. This is where we at Ola Corporate step in. You have known Ola as the company that redefined personal mobility for urban India, and now, with Ola Corporate, we bring the same ease, efficiency and affordability to corporate travel and providing cabs exclusively for business drops and pickups.  



Client’s Speak:

Ola Corporate is enabling 1000+ organizations to better enforce their travel policies, boost compliance, control costs and make travel planning faster, easier & more accurate. In fact we have reduced travel expenses of our clients by up to 60%.

One of the largest retail based companies who is onboard Ola Corporate says – Ola has really helped our company to lower the travel expense. Employees are enjoying the new way of booking cabs” The company has already taken close to 2000 rides per month and counting!

Some More About Us:

To ensure safety, Ola Corporate provides verified professional drivers. In case of an emergency, the rider can use the Emergency alert button (!) provided on the App. This will immediately alert the rider’s emergency contacts or the nearest PCR.

With Ola Corporate, apart from choosing Ola Prime and Mini, employees can now also book Ola Shuttle and Share services (currently available in select cities). There’s also SUVs and sedans for office cab services. Other perks include late night commute, point-to-point travel, weekend work travels and easy travel allowance options!

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