Ola Makes Payment Methods Easier



Technology plays an important role in our lives. It affects how we shop, socialize, connect, play, and deal with day to day activities. One is most certainly the payment methods that we use for various purposes. Making payments have taken a whole new turn with the availability of net banking, online wallets and the mode of card payments. Are you a consultant or sales personnel? Does your work entail continuous travelling? Have you faced issues where you traveled by a cab and you didn’t have the right amount of cash on you and ended up paying more because you or the driver fell short of change? Is reimbursements a hassle when corporate rides are paid by cash? If the answer is yes then this blog is particularly for you.

Organizations these days provides their employees with corporate credit cards to help make  payments while they are travelling for work.  This, not only helps employees in travelling hassle free without having to think of carrying cash around, but also expense management becomes much easier. Also, now one can make payments for business travel with Ola using these corporate credit cards. Well moving around cashless is a liberating thought in itself. As these ways of making payments mainly contribute to a faster and a convenient checkout process. Ola Corporate has hence come up with the method of card payments in a bid to make corporate travel all the more convenient.

As an employee you can now add your credit card to your corporate account and travel hassle free. Companies onboard Ola Corporate allows two modes of payment for their employee travels. One the ‘Auto Paid by Company’ option and the other ‘To be Reimbursed’ option. Hence, credit card payments would not be needed at all if the payment option set by the company is ‘Auto Paid by Company’.

You can either opt to pay instantly or can also opt to pay for the ride later as per your convenience, and once the payment has been made you can continue taking further rides with Ola. Once that done you would receive an invoice for the same.

Late Night Corporate Commute Now Gets Easier

Late night commute for employees can be a need in many companies. This would mean facing difficulties in booking cabs at odd hours for your staff due to unavailability most of the time. Security also becomes a major concern, especially for women employees during late night commute. These hassles needs to be dealt with each day, which in turn takes up much time away from productivity. Not only this, getting hold of a proper business car service also proves to be a major challenge many a time.

Ola Corporate has thus come up with a new feature – ONE Traveldesk to address all the above mentioned issues and much more. With this feature, OLA Corporate provides travel desk admins in organizations the ability to book a cab anywhere in India for all corporate travels, right from their desktops. Admins can move away from unreliable manual transport management systems to a more robust digitized platform to fulfil corporate travel needs. We not only aim at making lives of commuters easy but also the task of admins and travel desk managers stress free.

ONE Traveldesk has some other really cool features too. For example- Admins can book any ride category for their employees on ONE Traveldesk and it even allows admins to book cabs by simply overriding the set ride policies to meet emergencies and demands. As travel desk admins you can now also rent a cab on an hourly basis to meet needs. So book a cab for 4 or 8 hours and provide your employees cabs at their disposal. Employees can thus be dropped off at multiple drop locations and if the need arises a security guard from office can even be sent with the women staff just to ensure that extra layer of safety.

Our One Traveldesk feature assures that admins can book cabs for their corporate employees at most times and at extremely affordable rates. With this, we hope to solve most of the day to day hassles faced by admins and travel desk managers and aim at becoming one of the most sought after business car service providers in India.

Missed Flights and a Lot More..


Vikas looked flustered the moment he landed at the Mumbai airport at 8.30 in the morning. The airport was already bustling and he had a long day ahead of him and strings of meetings were lined up with various clients. To add to the mayhem he needed to squeeze out an hour to close an all important deal, a deal that was probably going to change his professional life.  And once done, he had to be back at the airport by 6 in the evening for his flight back to Delhi.

Argah! Vikas thought and almost cringed at the stress of travelling that lay ahead of him. He wondered, do I use a cab? an autorickshaw? or the local trains? He was mighty confused. Vikas asked a local cabby and the guy dispassionately stated “teen hazar rupaiya aath ghante ke liye.” Vikas laughed at him and decided to walk away, little did he know that he would never make it back to the airport by 7pm. He even thought of looking for a cab rental service but alas, a low cost one was unavailable.

That evening was probably one of the most troubled evenings in a long long time for the 30 year old sales professional. He not only missed his return flight but also couldn’t close the very important deal. Vikas felt frustrated and helpless at the situation and cursed the prevailing cab situation. Also, in the absence of a business taxi rental service his trip had simply turned into a major mess!

Cut to present: It’s been a year since the harrowing experience at Mumbai and for a long time Vikas dreaded assignments which required travelling. But over the past few months things have changed drastically. His company realised the harrowing travel issues faced by professionals and started looking out for low cost company taxi rental services. Finally, after a few months and a lot of research they onboarded Ola Corporate and the employees heaved a sigh of relief.  

Now travelling was easier and hassle free. Not only this, in situations where there were internet issues or employees had to travel to remote locations admins could now book cabs for employees directly from their dashboards with the new ‘ONE Travel Desk’ feature. In fact, with the availability of the office car rental services just at the click of a button productivity went up manifold.

Vikas now books cabs for 4 or 8 hour packages with Ola Rentals for corporates or even a minimum of a 1 hour package. The best part, he can even top up the package as and when needed on an hourly basis. Cool huh!

So, the next time you are out on a business trip, hire a cab and keep it with you all day long. Use Ola Rentals and forget the hassle of multiple bookings!

LUX & SUV- Adding Class and Convenience to Corporate Travel

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The business travel scene is an uncomfortable one with only small cabs being available mostly. Also, desiring luxury cabs for business travel is almost like a dream. But Ola Corporate makes this a reality. Ola Corporate introduces Ola SUV and Ola Lux for corporate travel, addressing your issues of comfort and the desire for luxury travel.  

We know your hassles of airport drops and pickups  in small cars, where the luggage space is unbelievably less not to mention the crunch in seating capability. Also, business drops in these small cabs especially with your team is simply impossible. So you end up booking more than one cab in turn having to shell out more.

Presenting Ola SUVs for corporates which aims at solving this hassle by  bringing back the experience of comfortable travel especially when you are travelling with your team. Not only this, SUVs ensure a greater cargo space and a seating space for upto 6 people thus making it the best choice for airport drops and pickups. Also, the extra leg space makes SUVs the most preferred for team travel. Book an SUV and travel in a Toyota Innova, Honda CRV, Maruti Ertiga to name a few.

Ola Lux on the other hand makes travelling in high end swanky cars for your corporate needs a reality. Isn’t the thought in itself delightful?  Have important clients or guests visiting your office? Book an Ola Lux and provide them with a luxury experience. Want to be ferried around to and fro from important client meets and corporate parties? Book an Ola Lux and make a classy statement. The Ola Lux fleet of cars include Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Camry and many more. These are luxury cars manufactured by the best car makers in the world which would give your corporate travel experience that extra edge- assuring luxury, style and comfort!

So from now on, when you mark your ride as corporate, click on Ola Lux and one of the finest cabs of town driven by a well-trained chauffeur would be at your doorstep in no time. Also, there’s  complimentary wifi for seamless browsing on the go!

Be it SUVs or our range of luxury cabs Ola Corporate aims for one thing – providing you with one of the best daily corporate cab service experiences in India. Currently, both Ola Lux and Ola SUVs have been rolled out to select cities. However, very soon they will be available throughout providing you with the best possible corporate travel experience.

Ola Rentals for Corporates- A Cab Always at Your Disposal

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Your time is valuable and we at Ola Corporate know that. It’s frustrating when you have a long day ahead with multiple meetings at client locations, hectic site visits and important on field sales tasks to name a few. To add to your woes, you are required to book multiple cabs for various hops in your journey which increases waiting time and overall delays. This uncertainty makes your corporate travel experience cumbersome not to mention the number of invoices that you need to save and process for reimbursements.

Keeping these hassles in mind Ola Corporate has rolled out a new ride category – Ola Rentals for Corporates. This is to make your Ola experience more productive and less stressful especially for your day-long business travel needs. 

How Ola Rentals Would Help Corporates

Have you encountered moments, where at times when you need the most, cabs were unavailable? Has daily employee car drops been an issue? Have you faced hassles where you booked a cab and had to cancel it just because your meeting ran a tad bit longer? We have the perfect solution for you – Ola Rentals!

Under the Ola Rentals option, you can book a cab for a minimum of  1 hour and  then extend the booking for as long as you want!  This eliminates the pain of multiple bookings and endless waits for cabs between important meets. Also, you get the added flexibility of changing your travel itinerary while on the move along with an easy to and fro travel from the airport. For information on fares click here. With this addition, we aim to provide you with one of the best experiences for your day long business travels requirements.  So, go ahead, book a cab through  Ola Rentals and start making your corporate travels a breeze.

Ola Corporate: A one-stop travel management solution

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Rising Expenses:

Across the world corporate travel expenses are on a rise. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) in its 2014 BTI outlook has predicted that global business travel expenditure will grow at 6.5% and touch US$1.25 trillion in 2015. The same report says that, in 2014 alone, India Inc. spent US$26 billion in business travel. GBTA estimates that this number will grow at 11.5% CAGR and reach US$45 billion by 2019.

Hidden Costs:

Admins and travel desk managers spend significant time booking, re-booking & coordinating cabs for employees, managing multiple cab vendors and reconciling expense reports. In addition, due to lack of transparency in billing and invoices, finance managers spend a lot of time doing frequent audits. Employees also spend valuable time expensing rides, coordinating with drivers of company taxis & travel desks and reconciling reimbursements.

Employee Expectations:

Our personal travel bookings and billings happen just by a click of a button and yet corporate travels never seem to get any simpler. So, how about a booking system that grants employees the power to choose their own ride types and timings? And how about an expense system that frees employees from on-travel and post-travel hassles? To address these issues employees need a one-stop solution – a travel management system that enriches employee travel experiences while saving their mental energies for real productive work.

Need for Change:

Parallely, to remain competitive & profitable, businesses are under increasing pressure to keep employee travel expenses at a minimum while also ensuring employee safety & convenience. This is where we at Ola Corporate step in. You have known Ola as the company that redefined personal mobility for urban India, and now, with Ola Corporate, we bring the same ease, efficiency and affordability to corporate travel and providing cabs exclusively for business drops and pickups.  



Client’s Speak:

Ola Corporate is enabling 1000+ organizations to better enforce their travel policies, boost compliance, control costs and make travel planning faster, easier & more accurate. In fact we have reduced travel expenses of our clients by up to 60%.

One of the largest retail based companies who is onboard Ola Corporate says – Ola has really helped our company to lower the travel expense. Employees are enjoying the new way of booking cabs” The company has already taken close to 2000 rides per month and counting!

Some More About Us:

To ensure safety, Ola Corporate provides verified professional drivers. In case of an emergency, the rider can use the Emergency alert button (!) provided on the App. This will immediately alert the rider’s emergency contacts or the nearest PCR.

With Ola Corporate, apart from choosing Ola Prime and Mini, employees can now also book Ola Shuttle and Share services (currently available in select cities). There’s also SUVs and sedans for office cab services. Other perks include late night commute, point-to-point travel, weekend work travels and easy travel allowance options!

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