Ola Corporate Quick Start Guide

All organizations desire seamless functioning of each and every business unit. Leaders work with several parameters like, a great business model, Streamlining Operations, Cost Optimization, Resource Management, and so on. A great corporate travel plan is something that will augment organizations in working hassle free. Employee business travel is necessary in any business – small, medium or large and thus, a  proper corporate travel policy is much needed. Companies not only need to implement a new policy but they also need to meticulously plan for it to ensure it is executed perfectly.

1. Best practices while using Ola Corporate

Success of any new application be it in travel management or any other function in an organization, is a result of meticulous planning and perfect execution. The level of user adoption of the new applications or processes will most often be an indicator of the success of implementation of the program. Here are a few best practices that can be followed while using Ola Corporate to ensure the program is successful.


1.1  Communication Planning

Effective communication will help prepare the employees of your organization to start using Ola Corporate for their business travel requirements. In the past, several organizations have implemented Ola Corporate without an effective communication plan. This had resulted in issues like – Employees being unaware of the availability of corporate travel options with Ola along with they being unaware of how to use Ola Corporate which resulted in admins having to address a large number queries from Employees. To avoid this situation and to smoothen the launch of Ola Corporate, we suggest to plan for communications in 3 phases at the least.

1. Pre Launch Teaser Mail to keep the Employees enthusiastic about Ola Corporate and also notifying them of the travel options they will be able to consume in the coming days.

2. Pre Launch Information Mail to inform Employees a few days in advance on the next steps to get on-boarded onto Ola Corporate which will help avoid any confusion and reduce the amount of clarification requests from employees.

3. Post Launch Help Mail that can be sent a few days after the Onboarding of Employees to help them understand how they can consume Corporate services from Ola for their business needs.

Please refer to Section 5 in this document for further details on the communication plan and also a few sample email templates that you can leverage. Admins can opt to have more communication touch points with their employees based on the specific business needs within the organization.

1.2  Policy Planning

Travel policy management can become very chaotic if not structured and well planned. As a best practice travel admins should spend enough time to define the right set of categories of travel policies in an organization. Admins should take into consideration the following parameters in addition to any others that may be required for defining these policies.

  1. Business Needs in the Organization (like airport travel, home drops, late night travel, team travel, group travel etc.)
  2. Designation of Employees in the Organization in order to apply policies according to the eligibility of Employees
  3. Regional Requirements of travel in order to identify the different travel needs across different cities and address their corresponding expenses.

Ad-hoc policy group creation is not a suggested practice. Most often, over time such an unstructured model will lack flexibility and become unmanageable. Do take time and create as many structured policy groups as needed within Ola Corporate in order to effectively manage your company’s travel policy in the long run.

The following table is an example of structuring policies for ground travel. One can use various parameters to meet multiple permutations of policies that addresses all needs in the organization.

Business Needs Designation Compact Cabs Sedan Cabs SUV Point to Point Bookings Cab Rentals
Airport Exec
Airport Manager
Late Night Drops All
Field Support Technician

1.3  Automation Planning

Manual Travel Management can become very tedious and mundane in organizations. Automating activities will help improve the efficiency of both travel desk teams as well as employees in the organization. Following are a few options that Ola Corporate provides that can help automate several activities in the travel desk processes.

  1. Employee Onboarding Automation: Ola Corporate provides admins the option to add employee mobile number while onboarding them on Ola Corporate. If employees have a registered Ola account with the same mobile number, their corporate profile will be automatically activated without the need for any manual intervention. Admins can leverage this feature to increase the adoption of Ola Corporate at the same time reduce the hassles of getting employees on-board. Alternately, corporates can also integrate their HRMS systems with Ola Corporate to automate new employee onboarding as well as employee resignations processes.
  2. Payment Automation: Admins can reduce monthly and weekly financial transactions by leveraging Ola Corporate’s feature – “Standing Instructions”. Whenever the balance of the account goes below a certain value standing instructions can be triggered automatically. This will ensure corporate accounts are always plush with funds and employees are not faced with any travel hassles due to lack of funds in the corporate account.
  3. Approval Automation: Time consuming and manual processes of getting approvals post ride for reimbursements can be automated to save effort and time. Ola Corporate provides a feature – ‘Ride Approvals’, through which managers of employees are automatically notified when a corporate ride is taken by members of his or her team. Managers can then view details of the ride taken for business reasons and take necessary actions like approving or rejecting the expense claim. The post ride approval automation also removes the need for employees to collate physical copies of invoices for expense reporting.
  4. Expense Management Automation: Ola Corporate also has the option of integrating with enterprise expense management tools. This will enable admins to provide an automated integrated experience for the company’s employees. With this option in Ola Corporate, invoices of all corporate rides taken on Ola will be automatically pushed into an expense management system for further processing, doing away with manual monthly expense reporting activities by employees.

2. How can Admins Set Up an Ola Account?

2.1  Step 1: Sign Up on Website

To signup for Ola corporate admins would need to go to the following website – https://corporate.olacabs.com and hit the ‘Sign Up for Company’ button. Admins will be redirected to a new page where one can provide the following details to sign up.

  • Official email id (where all the communications and reports will be mailed)
  • Company name
  • Department Name
  • Number of employees in the organization
  • Personal Ola registered mobile number (if you don’t have a personal Olacabs account with the mobile number, you can easily create one with a few clicks in the following steps)corporate-admin-login


Admins will need to validate their mobile number with the One Time Password (OTP) sent by Ola. Admins would also need to verify their corporate email ID after this action, in order to start sending invites to employees.verify-mobile


2.2  Step 2: Sign in to Ola Corporate

Admins can sign in to Ola Corporate using their personal mobile numbers (which was used while signing up). If you don’t remember the password of your Olacabs account, you can also sign up using an OTP. After signing in, the admin can see the below dashboard.

  • Create group
  • Invite employees
  • Add moneyscreen-shot-2017-01-19-at-3-59-18-pm


2.3  Step 3: Configure Policies & Add Employees

The ‘Create New Group’ link allows admins to create policies setting that can be applied to a group of employees. One can set various policy parameters right from budget allowance, type of rides that can be taken, ride timings allowed, and many more like seen in the image below. Once a group has been created with policies configured, employees can be added to the group.


When a new group is created, it is in an ‘auto-paid by the company’ mode by default. This can be changed as required to a ‘to be reimbursed’ mode. Groups created in ‘Auto paid’ and ‘to be reimbursed’ mode can co-exist in a corporate account. In case the admin need to look into advanced settings they can click on the “show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page. The ‘advance settings’ include setting other particulars for the group, such as the group timing of ride (time range), days when corporate rides are supported(days) and ride categories (ride types).
On clicking the “group” tab at the left hand side of the dashboard, admins will be redirected to the following page where all groups are listed.screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-4-08-49-pm


The group name, budget per month for each group and payment mode (auto-paid or reimbursement) is displayed along with the expenses and the total number of rides. The admin can also add new groups using the “add group” button on the top right corner.

2.4  Step 4: Set Payment Mode

Admins would also need to setup the payment mode for all the Ola cab services that will be consumed. On recharge, their Ola Corporate Account would become similar to any other prepaid account, after which employees will be able to start taking rides like seen in the image below. Admins will be able to do this by going to the “Payments” tab and clicking the “Recharge” button on the top right corner.screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-4-11-59-pm


If there are employees in groups configured for ‘Auto Payment by Company’ it becomes mandatory to have the prepaid Ola Corporate account recharged with money. Without the account recharge these employees will not be able to start taking corporate rides on Ola. However, employee who are in a ‘To be Reimbursed by Company’ mode will be able to start taking corporate rides on Ola even if the Ola Corporate account is not recharged.

Admins can also make life simple by setting up a standing instruction to automatically trigger this recharge as and when the account balance reduces below 10% of the recharge value. E.g. Suppose you recharge the account with a standing instruction set for Rs.10000; As and when the balance reduces below Rs.1000 (10% of recharge amount), the standing instruction will be triggered and account will be recharged for Rs.10000 automatically.

2.5  Step 5: Onboard Employees

After creating a Group, the admin can click the “Employees” tab and add employees to Ola corporate right from the admin dashboard by manually entering required details. Admins are also provided with the option of entering employee data in a csv/excel file and uploading it in bulk on the admin dashboard like seen in the image below. A sample CSV/excel file with the required employee data format is also available for download as a reference.screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-4-13-46-pm


While adding employees to Ola Corporate, the fields – Name, Corporate Email ID and Group Name is mandatory. Admins can also capture several other parameters of the employees optionally like employee code, manager name, manager email id, cost center, etc. Once employees are added to Ola Corporate, they receive invitations on their email id with an activation link which would need to be clicked by the employee to complete the onboarding process.

Auto Activation via Employee Mobile Number (Optional but recommended for better adoption)

The admin can also include the mobile numbers of employees while adding them to Ola Corporate along with the name, corporate email ID and group name. If the employees already have an existing personal Olacabs account with the entered mobile number, the employees will automatically get on-boarded to Ola Corporate. This will eliminate the need for employees to follow a manual activation process. The addition of mobile numbers while adding employee details can be done in two ways – through the dashboard manually or through the file upload mechanism (for bulk employee addition).

3. How can employees activate their corporate profiles?

3.1  Option 1: Activating Through  Email

  • The employee will get an activation link in their official email inbox once they are added by the admin on the dashboard. The following image is an example of the mail that employees will receive with the activation link.screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-2-24-03-pm
  • Clicking the activation link in the email will redirect employees to the Ola website. In case the employee has an account with Ola, he could enter his Ola registered mobile number and click on ‘Get OTP’  screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-50-05-pm
  • Once the OTP is received enter the same on the page that opens up.screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-50-44-pm
  • On validating the mobile number with OTP, a ‘successfully activated’ page shows up as shown below.


  • After activation, the employee can restart the Olacabs mobile app where he will get to see a corporate profile.
  • The employee can switch to ‘corporate profile’ while booking a ride, and the rides will be tagged as a corporate ride.

If employees do not have a personal Ola account with the entered mobile number, then after typing in the OTP and validating the mobile number, they would be directed to the registration page shown below. Employees can provide the necessary details to have a new Ola Account created and the Ola Corporate profile activated. The below screen shows the parameters the employee will have to populate to complete the account creation process in case one does not have an Ola account with their mobile number.


3.2  Option 2: Activating Through the Ola App

  • Once an employee logs into his Ola account he would have to go to his  ‘Profile & Settings’ section and click 0n Ola Corporate to set up their corporate profile.

  • The employee would then be required to enter his official email id in the corporate profile section  and click on ‘Save’

  • Once that’s done a message will pop up on the employee’s Ola Cabs app stating that a verification link has been sent to his official email id and he would be prompted to verify his corporate id by clicking on that link.

  • The employee can only start using his Ola Corporate profile after verifying his official email id
  • Once the employee has logged into his official email id and clicked on the link sent by Ola to verify his email id, his corporate profile will be created.

3.3  Step 3:  Configure Corporate Profile (optional)

Employees have the option of configuring the frequency of receiving reports on corporate rides taken. One can set it to either weekly or monthly to receive a consolidated report if required. This can be achieved by going to the Profile settings on the Olacabs app and configuring the reporting frequency option. All one needs to do is go to the app menu to see their name displayed with mobile number, tap on their name (profile) Corporate Profile (settings) option of receiving consolidated ride details monthly/weekly. The following image describes this process.


4. How can employees take corporate rides on Ola?

Once the invite has been accepted the user will be able to see a profile selection option while booking a ride. Switching to a Corporate profile will tag the ride as a corporate ride on Ola. The following images explains the steps to book a ride and mark it as corporate.


5. Communication Plan for Effective Adoption

Communication planning is key to the success of Ola Corporate in your organization. The following plan will help you to quickly socialize the enablement of Ola for Corporate rides in the organization. The document also has a few sample email templates which could be used in order to communicate the same with the employees. Below is a sample communication plan that can be followed while onboarding employees.


Mail type Sample Subject Line
Teaser Mail Simplifying Business Travel for You
Launch Notification Mail Get Ready to go Ola!
How to Use Ola Mail Ride Corporate with a click

6. Quick References