ONE Traveldesk – Now Allowing Cab Bookings for Your Guests

Ola TravelDesk- Book Rides for Guests

Not too long ago we at Ola Corporate had launched ONE Traveldesk, a feature which allowed admins of all organizations who are onboard Ola Corporate the ability to book corporate rides for their employees right from their desktops. Admins can thus move away from unreliable manual transport management systems to a more robust and digitized platform to fulfil corporate travel needs.

But employee travel needs was not the only need that needed to be addressed. Admins of various organizations also had a need to provide cabs for various purposes for their various guests. These included:

  • Airport pick up-drops for important clients and for senior level executives.
  • Ground travel needs for interview candidates especially for those coming from other cities.
  • Hotels needed to provide timely cabs for their guests either for sightseeing or for airport travel.

Why the enhanced ONE Traveldesk feature:

With the newest ‘Guest Booking’ option would now come handy for admins of all organizations across industries. Through guest booking admins can now do away with the cumbersome paper based manual travel desk management, along with the need for coordination with multiple vendors. Also there would no longer be inefficient tracking and auditing processes.

To book a ride for their guests traveldesk admins would need to login to their Ola Corporate account and click on ‘Book a Ride’ through the ONE Traveldesk and select ‘Guest Booking’. Once the cab is booked, the guest as well as the travel desk manager would both receive the cab and driver details in the form of an SMS and an email respectively. Admins can also configure a separate allowance for the purpose of guest booking through the ‘Account Information’ section, helping Traveldesk admins in easy expense management.

Well, if you are an admin or a travel desk manager of your company then it’s time you try out our brand new feature and remove the need for managing your own fleet of cabs or a dedicated cab vendor; enjoy digitised booking and billing and have a simplified auditing system in place with consolidated ride tracking and invoicing.

Booking cabs for your guests would now be easier than ever with the current addition to our ‘ONE Traveldesk’. However, it’s a premium feature and if you wish to use the same then do reach out to our sales personnel at

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