Our Solution to Your Multi-city Employee Travel Budget Woes

Our Solution to Your Multi-city Employee Travel Budget Woes

The task of an Admin is not easy. Admins can quite easily be at the receiving end of their boss’s wrath may be because he has simply been unable to roll out the required budget for a corporate ride for an employee travelling outside his/her base location. Well, what can one do when there’s a specific budget assigned by the company and as an admin one needs to stick to it. Of course they do have the option of taking special permissions for increasing the travel budget for such outstation travel needs. But, as you would agree the process of getting such sanctions passed are quite time consuming, especially in large corporates.

As the admin of your company how many times did you face hassles while booking cabs for your employees? Guess multiple number of times. The inconvenience can range from the trouble of booking cabs for a large number of employee at one go and even issues with reimbursements as many a time employees are unable to provide proper corporate ride receipts. To add to these, would be the hassle of managing the corporate travel budget especially for outstation travels, as mentioned earlier.  It’s here that admins would need a less rigid budget policy to provide a seamless travel experience for the employee.

Of course it can be argued that the employee must be prompted to pay initially and manage the receipts while travelling outstation and the company would reimburse. But how many times does it work out well both for the employee or the travel desk? Most of the time the paper receipts are misplaced, or employees are able to find out ways to submit fraudulent travel bills.. It is here that Ola Corporate’s budget policy for outstation corporate travel comes handy for both admins and companies. This policy allows employees to travel without having to worry about the payment or the budget as it is deducted from the company’s global budget. It not only solves the continuous budget issues that companies face while their employees travel outstation, but also solves the issue of employees over charging the company through fraudulent bills. Also, employees can add ride reasons before or during the ride and it automatically gets lodged in the company’s employee travel details, hence maintaining cumbersome paper invoices is no longer required.

This multi city travel solution from Ola for corporate not only saves employees from the fear of running out of their travel budget while they are already traveling, but also helps companies maintain the employee travel budget easily. Since these amounts are directly deducted from the company’s global budget keeping a tab on these large travel transactions gets easier and if needed intracity travel costs can be cut down to some extent to maintain the travel budget of the company.

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