Simplify Your Expense Management by Linking Ola Corporate with Happay


Business expense management is a pain for all big and small organizations. With large number of employees and their expenses to be handled companies almost always face issues. Keeping a tab of all the paper invoices, entering the data and finally reconciling them is a major issue. Employees face a major hassle while having to keep a tab on all the paper invoices. Also it gets tough when they have to go through the tedious back and forth processes in case of errors in expense reporting.  

To tackle these issues you can resort to various expense management tools. One such is Happay- a business expense management solution that streamlines everything expense related end to end. Happay provides real time visibility and control over the expenses made. We provide Ola Corporate users the option to integrate their Ola account with their Happay account, in order to make their expense management easy and stress free. Employees need to link their Ola and Happay accounts, after which all invoices of corporate ride taken on Ola will be automatically pushed into Happay for further processing. One can now forget the hassles of dealing with multiple paper invoices and scanning them for expense reporting on Happay.

How it works:

Users will get an email with an unique link, clicking on which they would be prompted to enter their Happay account credentials after which their Ola Corporate account would be integrated with Happay. Just in case you haven’t received an email contact your company’s admin for the same.

Integrating your Ola account with Happay:

  • Click on the unique Account Integration link sent to you on your official email Id
  • This would take you to the Happay login page
  • Login with your Happay credentials and once that done your Ola account will be automatically integrated with Happay.

After the integration employees can view all Ola Corporate invoices in their Happay account and take the necessary actions in Happay.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving, get using Happay today!

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