Simplify Your Expense Management by Linking Ola Corporate with Concur


Ola Corporate helps companies provide their employees with regular, uninterrupted and timely corporate travel along with hassle free pickup and drops, various cab options and affordable rates. Ola helps Companies and employees alike. On the one hand corporates are able to manage the budget of their employees’ travel expenses through our robust digitised system and on the other, employees can book cabs for corporate travel from their Ola app helping them lower the dependency on travel desk managers.

Ola also helps in managing the corporate travel expenses of its users and thus Ola has integrated with Concur.

How Concur Would help Ola Corporate Users:

Concur is used as a central expense management mode and users use it seamlessly to request for reimbursement from their companies for their Ola Corporate rides, once users link their Ola accounts to their Concur accounts.

Setting up Concur accounts are easy. Once attached to the Ola Corporate account all ride invoices will be pushed to concur. Employees can view these detailed helping in effortless reporting and expensing.

Attaching Concur with Ola

Here’s How:

  • Login to your Concur account.
  • Then select Ola app from the ‘Apps for Me’ section.
  • In the Ola App details page click on ‘Connect’ to link your Ola Corporate account with Concur account
  • On hitting ‘Connect’ you will be taken to a page where you need to provide your Ola account credentials. You can login here with either your registered email address or mobile number.
  • That’s It! Your Ola Corporate and Concur accounts are linked. Take a corporate ride with Ola and your invoices are saved in your Concur account.

However, just in case at any point of time you wish to unlink your corporate account from your concur account log in to your Concur account and remove the Ola app from there.

4 thoughts on “Simplify Your Expense Management by Linking Ola Corporate with Concur”

  1. I can’t see ‘Apps for me’ section in cocur; however I could see a section ‘Connect to Apps’. I used this section to connect to Uber app.

    In Connect to Apps I don’t see Ola App in the list. Kindly help.

    Also I would appreciate if you could facilitate direct charge on credit card like Uber, it will be of great help.

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