Admins Take Note- The Analytics Dashboard is Here

Ola Corporate is here to make the lives of all the admins and travel desk managers all the more hassle free. Well, we at Ola Corporate have come up with another brand new feature yet again – The Analytics Dashboard. So the moment you log into your Ola Corporate admin account you would automatically be taken into the analytics dashboard.

Wondering what it does? Well, here it is:

Through the analytics dashboard you can keep a tab on a host of corporate travel activities of your employees. This would include information on the number of employees activating their Ola corporate account, or the how many have taken or not taken rides. You can also keep a tab on your employee travel expenses and budget the same accordingly. We also provide graphical representation of user experience helping you to make improvisations if and when required.

Viewing the Analytics Dashboard:

  • Activation Analytics: This section would help companies understand the various stages of product adoption by the employees. You can view the invites sent, the invites accepted, first ride and Active users or users who have been actively taking corporate rides over a week. This would help companies understand employee product adoption and whether rides are taken or not. Armed with these details admins can easily find out ways of making employees aware of the benefits of Ola Corporate along with the travel benefits.
  • Budget Analytics: Budgeting is one of the most important factors for a company to thrive better and this also comes to play while budgeting for employee travels. Through Ola Corporate’s analytics dashboard admins and travel desk managers can get a detailed insight on the same all in one place. This section shows the budget utilization for employees in a group. Budget  usage can be calculated along with details of whether employees are exhausting their travel budget early in the month. In such instances admins can either increase the budget or take necessary steps to keep the budget within limits.
  • Spend Analytics: This section allows admins to view the expenses on employee travel. However this section would also show the ride count helping admins calculate the total expenditure on a per ride basis. The overall spend of the corporate account would be shown in a bar chart across the following segments- city, group, category and ride reason. As per the change in the selection, spend could be shown accordingly.
  • Experience Analytics: It’s here that customer/employee experience is captured. The admin can look into the quality of drivers or the cabs he/she has been provided for his bookings. Overall this would act as a transparent method for the admins in terms of getting an insight into user experience and making changes if required.