Ola Corporate Easing Your Business Travels

Corporate travel is of utmost need in today’s world. Each one of us travel everyday not only to our respective offices but also for client meets, site visits and so on. Thus, incurring high work travel related expenses is quite common. Not only this, getting cabs during peak hours, or renting out cabs for day long requirements is many a time difficult due to availability issues and also due to high monetary demands by the drivers.

This is where we at Ola Corporate come in. Ola Corporate aims at making corporate travel a breeze for working professionals. The best part, you can book cabs for corporate purposes right from your Ola app. Once your company is onboard Ola Corporate you would receive an email in your official id for verification. Verify your official email id and login to your Ola account and select the ride category of your choice. Then choose the corporate profile from the profile option and hit confirm. Your ride will be marked as ‘Corporate’. Once the ride is complete you would receive invoices marked as corporate into your official email id. Not only this, you can even add ‘Ride Reason’ before or after the ride helping you to provide detailed information about your business related travels to your admins and travel desk managers.  

This would help you to keep a record of your corporate travel expenses all in one place. You can even choose to receive your corporate ride invoices on a monthly or weekly basis helping you get consolidated reports of all rides taken. This in turn help would help you provide invoices easily to your travel desk managers for reimbursements and would allow you to forget the hassle  of managing a whole lot of paper invoices.

You can even view other profile details once you view your corporate profile. This includes the days and the time during which you can avail corporate rides, ride type that you can book and the payment policy. All of these would be set by your company and you can avail the corporate rides as per these policies. The payment policies would include either auto paid by company or to be reimbursed. Credit /debit card payments would not be needed at all if the payment option set by the company is ‘Auto Paid by Company. However in case it’s the ‘To be Reimbursed’ mode of payment you can add your card details and make your payment process hassle free. So while booking your ride you can simply choose the credit or debit card from which you wish the payment to be made and confirm the booking. This would allow you to make payments for your rides either instantly or later as per your convenience. Once the payment is cleared you can continue taking corporate rides.

Ola Makes Payment Methods Easier



Technology plays an important role in our lives. It affects how we shop, socialize, connect, play, and deal with day to day activities. One is most certainly the payment methods that we use for various purposes. Making payments have taken a whole new turn with the availability of net banking, online wallets and the mode of card payments. Are you a consultant or sales personnel? Does your work entail continuous travelling? Have you faced issues where you traveled by a cab and you didn’t have the right amount of cash on you and ended up paying more because you or the driver fell short of change? Is reimbursements a hassle when corporate rides are paid by cash? If the answer is yes then this blog is particularly for you.

Organizations these days provides their employees with corporate credit cards to help make  payments while they are travelling for work.  This, not only helps employees in travelling hassle free without having to think of carrying cash around, but also expense management becomes much easier. Also, now one can make payments for business travel with Ola using these corporate credit cards. Well moving around cashless is a liberating thought in itself. As these ways of making payments mainly contribute to a faster and a convenient checkout process. Ola Corporate has hence come up with the method of card payments in a bid to make corporate travel all the more convenient.

As an employee you can now add your credit card to your corporate account and travel hassle free. Companies onboard Ola Corporate allows two modes of payment for their employee travels. One the ‘Auto Paid by Company’ option and the other ‘To be Reimbursed’ option. Hence, credit card payments would not be needed at all if the payment option set by the company is ‘Auto Paid by Company’.

You can either opt to pay instantly or can also opt to pay for the ride later as per your convenience, and once the payment has been made you can continue taking further rides with Ola. Once that done you would receive an invoice for the same.