Late Night Corporate Commute Now Gets Easier

Late night commute for employees can be a need in many companies. This would mean facing difficulties in booking cabs at odd hours for your staff due to unavailability most of the time. Security also becomes a major concern, especially for women employees during late night commute. These hassles needs to be dealt with each day, which in turn takes up much time away from productivity. Not only this, getting hold of a proper business car service also proves to be a major challenge many a time.

Ola Corporate has thus come up with a new feature – ONE Traveldesk to address all the above mentioned issues and much more. With this feature, OLA Corporate provides travel desk admins in organizations the ability to book a cab anywhere in India for all corporate travels, right from their desktops. Admins can move away from unreliable manual transport management systems to a more robust digitized platform to fulfil corporate travel needs. We not only aim at making lives of commuters easy but also the task of admins and travel desk managers stress free.

ONE Traveldesk has some other really cool features too. For example- Admins can book any ride category for their employees on ONE Traveldesk and it even allows admins to book cabs by simply overriding the set ride policies to meet emergencies and demands. As travel desk admins you can now also rent a cab on an hourly basis to meet needs. So book a cab for 4 or 8 hours and provide your employees cabs at their disposal. Employees can thus be dropped off at multiple drop locations and if the need arises a security guard from office can even be sent with the women staff just to ensure that extra layer of safety.

Our One Traveldesk feature assures that admins can book cabs for their corporate employees at most times and at extremely affordable rates. With this, we hope to solve most of the day to day hassles faced by admins and travel desk managers and aim at becoming one of the most sought after business car service providers in India.