Missed Flights and a Lot More..


Vikas looked flustered the moment he landed at the Mumbai airport at 8.30 in the morning. The airport was already bustling and he had a long day ahead of him and strings of meetings were lined up with various clients. To add to the mayhem he needed to squeeze out an hour to close an all important deal, a deal that was probably going to change his professional life.  And once done, he had to be back at the airport by 6 in the evening for his flight back to Delhi.

Argah! Vikas thought and almost cringed at the stress of travelling that lay ahead of him. He wondered, do I use a cab? an autorickshaw? or the local trains? He was mighty confused. Vikas asked a local cabby and the guy dispassionately stated “teen hazar rupaiya aath ghante ke liye.” Vikas laughed at him and decided to walk away, little did he know that he would never make it back to the airport by 7pm. He even thought of looking for a cab rental service but alas, a low cost one was unavailable.

That evening was probably one of the most troubled evenings in a long long time for the 30 year old sales professional. He not only missed his return flight but also couldn’t close the very important deal. Vikas felt frustrated and helpless at the situation and cursed the prevailing cab situation. Also, in the absence of a business taxi rental service his trip had simply turned into a major mess!

Cut to present: It’s been a year since the harrowing experience at Mumbai and for a long time Vikas dreaded assignments which required travelling. But over the past few months things have changed drastically. His company realised the harrowing travel issues faced by professionals and started looking out for low cost company taxi rental services. Finally, after a few months and a lot of research they onboarded Ola Corporate and the employees heaved a sigh of relief.  

Now travelling was easier and hassle free. Not only this, in situations where there were internet issues or employees had to travel to remote locations admins could now book cabs for employees directly from their dashboards with the new ‘ONE Travel Desk’ feature. In fact, with the availability of the office car rental services just at the click of a button productivity went up manifold.

Vikas now books cabs for 4 or 8 hour packages with Ola Rentals for corporates or even a minimum of a 1 hour package. The best part, he can even top up the package as and when needed on an hourly basis. Cool huh!

So, the next time you are out on a business trip, hire a cab and keep it with you all day long. Use Ola Rentals and forget the hassle of multiple bookings!